About Us

2010 Nubian Stylez 20 Year Anniversary

Born in 1990, out of 11 African American dread and bald head caricatures (identified as 360 degrees of Black Staff) and a t-shirt collection of African American hip hop word designz (Flavas) Nubian Stylez has evolved from the “word on the street” into the “fashion statement for people of color“, and now today has become the “uniform of the afrikan conscious for African Americans.”

Throughout this evolution Nubian Stylez has led the way thru the African American t-shirt jungle with cutting edge images of Afrikan American heroes and sheroes, with the most powerful of historical quotes and political messages via African American t-shirts.  With over 100 designz of unisex African American t-shirts and over 50 designz of African American fitted ladies t-shirts the focus of Nubian Stylez is on teaching through impact and information.  All the while being the visual instructor of our history, and always remaining true to OUR AFRICAN AMERICAN CULTURE.

Summarizing the African American Nubian Stylez experience it is one that is a “hands on” learned experience that is inclusive of multiple years of experience as a senior retail executive for Federated department stores, The Gallery Mall at Market East in Philadelphia, and Plymouth Meeting Mall in Plymouth Meeting, PA, while also being a part-time street vendor on 125th Street in Harlem.  As owner, operator, and founding partner (House of Nubian) on Broadway in the village of New York, the original House of Nubian in Military Circle Mall (Norfolk, VA), “Here It TizHouse of Nubian in the Salem Mall (Dayton, Ohio), House of Nubian – Sugarland Mall (Houston, Texas),  House of Nubian of Metro Tech Mall (Brooklyn, NY), House of Nubian – Mondiamond Mall (Baltimore, MD), House of Nubian Cherry Hill Mall, (Cherry Hill, NJ), and “The Soul Brothers Boutique” in Harlem, NY.

Nubian Stylez thanks you for your support, and looks forward to serving you for another 20 years.


And to my many mentors, my Dad, Leon, Uncle Bernard, Uncle Jay, Brother Sekou, Dr. Mirimba Ani, Dr. Leonard Jefferies, Professor James Smalls, Brother Anthony Browder, Dr. Francis Cress Welsing, Dr. Yosef  Ben-Jochannan, and Brother Ashra Kewsi, as well as, Thanking and Remembering Ancestors, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Amos Wilson, and Dr. Khalid Muhammad, and so many others.


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